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A blend of Computers and Telecommunications, Information Technology has transformed the lives of people globally with applications apparent in every walk of life. It empowers the younger generation with knowledge of recent advancements in this sector and provides them with a platform to work in various companies providing computing solutions and IT services to industries such as banking, insurance, communications etc. Other popular areas that incorporate scope for IT and have grown in recent years are medicine, E-Governance, entertainment and multimedia, scientific research, business intelligence solutions and knowledge discovery in databases.

Department of Information Technology at KES’ Shroff College of Arts and Commerce offers two undergraduate programmes and two post-graduate programmes. Undergraduate programmes offered by the department are B.Sc. Information Technology and B.Sc. Data Science whereas M.Sc. Information Technology and M.Sc. Data Science is offered as a post-graduate programme. Department of Information Technology started its journey in year 2007 – 2008 with B.Sc. in Information Technology (B.Sc. IT) with the strength of 60 students. Department introduced its first post-graduate programme in M.Sc. IT in the year 2013 – 2014. Recently we have introduced two new programmes B.Sc. Data Science and M.Sc. Data Science from the Academic year 2020 – 2021 and M.Sc. Artificial Intelligence from the academic year 2021-22. Programmes offered by departments are designed in a way so as to provide the students with fundamental concepts of courses taught under the programmes and they get acquainted with tools as per the industry requirement. In addition to undergraduate and postgraduate programmes department also offers 15 certificate courses. These courses are available to in-house students as well as outsiders also.

Department offers four (2+2) years integrated programmes for B.Sc IT students who wish to study abroad. KES Shroff College has collaborated with some highly reputed universities and institutes in Australia and Canada. Under this programme students of B.Sc. IT can complete the first two years of graduation at our own college campus and then the remaining 2 years he can complete in the choice of institute offered by college understudy abroad programme either in Canada or Australia.

Department offers B.Sc. Data Science programme powered by Wiley Data Scientist certification course. Students completing B.Sc. The Data Science programme also gets recognized as Wiley certified data scientist.


To be a centre of excellence in education and research, producing Creators of Innovative Technology to serve humanity.


  • To develop human resources with sound knowledge and intellectual capability for innovation, research and excellence in the field of Information Technology.
  • To provide conducive academic environment for achieving world class standards in teaching and cutting–edge research in the field of Information Technology.
  • To inculcate professional ethics and social responsibility in students and faculty to contribute in the overall development of society.
  • To facilitate the development of academia-industry collaborations and societal outreach programmes.


  • To prepare students to exploit placement opportunities in the field of commerce, banking and insurance
  • To equip students in critical thinking skills and problem solving ability through conceptual and practical exposure to the existing and potential knowledge in the field of banking and insurance

Programmes Offered

Department of Information Technology offers the following Bachelor and Post Graduate Programmes

B.Sc. IT

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

B.Sc. DS

Bachelor of Science in Data Science


Bachelor of Computer Application

M.Sc. IT

Master of Science in Information Technology

M.Sc. Artificial Intelligence

Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence

M.Sc. DS

Master of Science in Data Science

Additional Credit Courses Offered

Department of Information Technology offers the following Certificate Courses

Arduino Programming

Certificate Course on Arduino Programming                                                                  .

Advance Ms – Excel

Certificate Course on Advance Ms – Excel                                                                        .

Data Warehousing & BI

Certificate Course in Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence

Raspberry Pi

Certificate Course in Raspberry Pi                                                                                      .

Web Design & Development

Certificate Course on Web Design & Development

Core Java

Certificate Course in Core Java                                                                                            .

Programming With C#

Certificate Course in Programming With C#

Enterprise Java

Certificate Course in Enterprise Java

.Net Technology

Certificate Course in .Net Technology

Bot Development

Certificate Course in Bot Development                                                                     .

Recommender System

Certificate Course in Recommender System                                          .

Data Analytics using Excel

Certificate Course in Data Analytics using Excel

Ethical Hacking & Network Security

Certificate Course in Ethical Hacking & Network Security

Introduction to Blockchain Technology

Certificate Course in Introduction to Blockchain Technology

Big Data on Cloud

Certificate Course in Big Data on Cloud (IHP by TCS iON)                                                                                                     .

Machine Learning for Real-World Application

Certificate Course in Machine Learning for Real-World Application (IHP by TCS iON)

Practical Approach to Cyber Security

Certificate Course in Practical Approach to Cyber Security (IHP by TCS iON)

Artificial Intelligence in Real World Application

Certificate Course in Artificial Intelligence in Real World Application (IHP by TCS iON)

Applied Cloud Computing

Certificate Course in Applied Cloud Computing (IHP by TCS iON)

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