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The Department of Business Economics, since its inception in 1989, is one of the foremost departments in the college under the programme of BCom. It offers both undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Business Economics.

Economics, at its core, is the study of how to evaluate alternatives and make better choices. It develops critical-thinking and problem-solving skills to make good decisions and also assists the development of analytical skills to examine data to support good decisions. These skills are desired across careers in the public and private sectors.  Studying  economics is highly rewarding if one wants to pursue a career or explore other fields.

There are four permanent faculty members in the department. It is a matter of pride that the Principal of the college is the torch bearer of the department. Two faculty members hold PhD degree and rest are pursuing research.

The Department has a well established PhD research center, Dr Lily Bhushan, Principal is the research guide at University of Mumbai. Three research students are pursing PhD under her guidance.

Dr Arun Chandane is the co-guide at JJTU.

The Post Graduate Program of MA in Business Economics is headed by Mr. Rajesh Gupta.

At the undergraduate level the department offers course in Business Economics (core course) for all the three years under Program of BCom degree. Foundation course I and II is also taught by the department.

As a part of innovative teaching pedagogy, the department makes extensive use of ICT methods and blended teaching-learning.  To broaden the horizons of the students’ potential, the department encourages the students to study the working of markets and encourages their involvement in the same. Students are also initiated into research, the department members provide the guidance and platform by motivating them to publish research papers.

The department is in the forefront in organising seminars, both at national and departmental level on topics of contemporary relevance. All the faculty members have successfully completed major and minor research projects. They regularly publish research papers at national and international conferences, and have received to their credit ‘best research paper award’ in the past.

‘Friday School of Economics’ (FSE) was founded in 2013 with the objective to disseminate information in economics beyond text books to the students. Every Friday discussions on ideologies of economists, talks, debates, elocution, are organised.


The primary mission of the Department is to offer educational opportunities to students in order to prepare them to become accomplished citizens and professionals capable of critical thinking and independent analysis. The economics faculty places an emphasis on excellence in teaching through applied and theoretical economics. The economics curriculum and course offerings are designed to highlight and illustrate the practical importance of a knowledge of economics in understanding today’s local, national, and global issues.


To be a leading academic institution delivering highly employable graduates with strong analytical skills, creative intelligence, and research skills.


  • The student understands the basic concepts in Economics and can apply them in the real world. He/she is also updated with the recent trends in the subject. The student also builds a sound base for various post graduate courses in Business Economics and related fields.
  • The learner will be able to identify and explain economic concepts and theories related to the behavior of economic agents, markets, industry and firm structures, legal institutions, social norms, and government policies of the Indian and world economy.

Programmes Offered

Department of Business Economics offers the following Bachelor and Post Graduate Programmes


Bachelor of Commerce

M.A. Business Economics

Master of Arts in Business Economics


Ph.D in Business Economics

Additional Credit Courses Offered

Department of Business Economics offers the following Certificate Courses

Basics in Econometrics

Certificate Course in Basics in Econometrics

Foreign Exchange Rate Management

Certificate Course in Foreign Exchange Rate Management

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