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  • Designation: Principal

Dr. Lily Bhushan


In this era of 21st century, we are standing at a very critical juncture in terms of a huge legacy of traditions behind and in front are there those mammoth and phenomenal changes in the form of technology, globalization, climate change, resource depletion and several other such issues which are posing their unprecedented challenges in a bewildering manner. This metamorphism is not only meant to be observed merely on grand scale, in fact these changes are manifesting themselves in our daily life as well. But however testing and taxing these provocations may appear or sound, we don’t have any choice but to perform and accomplish that too in the pursuit of excellence. So, the theme of our college for this year i.e. Transitions and Transformation has been chosen to align and resonate with these rapidly changing times and world around us. While transformation refers to a huge, drastic change that is being exercised in the life of an individual, the term transition is used to signify a gradual change in the essence or state of being, of the concerned individual.

They signal the need for large-scale changes to achieve a sustainable society. Transitions and transformation help us to provide nuanced perspectives on how to describe, interpret and support radical and non-linear societal change. Because this process of transitions and transformation is not static in nature, on the contrary, it is an ongoing and never ending phenomenon which would continue to set new standards and benchmarks with the passage of time. But the habits and attitude inculcated and developed during the formative years of a student’s life in a school or college determine and shape his/her character for the entire life. We, at KESSC, try our level best to keep ourselves prepared for any such changes and creating such ecology for our students which aim to gear them up not only for existing but also for the forthcoming challenges and confrontations as well.