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The Department of Film Production and Communication started in year 2008 under the leadership of Ms. Vidhi Rajora who has been serving as its Coordinator ever since. The program first offered was Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia and Mass Communication (BAMMC) as an undergraduate program in affiliation with the University of Mumbai. The Department later started Bachelor of Arts in Film, Television and New Media Production (BAFTNMP) in 2014 and the postgraduate versions of both these programs in 2018. Today the Department runs two undergraduate programs, two postgraduate programs and five short- term certificate courses. All the undergraduate programs offered by the Department are autonomous today where the Department offers the combination of the most advanced, skill-oriented courses designed to match the skillset demanded by the industry. The learners have a 24/7 access to a well-equipped studio with a green screen and dubbing facilities, a Mac Lab, and other high-tech camera paraphernalia.

The Department of Multimedia and Mass Communication special due to the reason that it is managed by three dedicated, full time faculties and over half a dozen industry experts who come as visiting faculties. With the strong faith in collaborative teaching, the Department keeps its student intake lower than the University recommended capacity. As on today, the Department has over 300 students who are preparing their careers in Journalism, Advertising and Film industry. The Department Multimedia and Mass Communication is known for having one of the most diverse, vocal and enthusiastic students on campus.

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    • Empowering the youth to build their destiny through ethical means and give them the agency to impart the necessary media skills and knowledge to boost their confidence thereby making them professionally competent.


  • To have strong multidisciplinary academic foundation of various social, economic, political, environmental, and psychological issues.
  • To integrate theory and research through deliberations on practical applications of concepts.
  • To have sharpened ability to converse critically and innovatively about real life issues.
  • To be able to demonstrate skill sets as per industry requirements in respective fields.
  • To be able to engage in discussion and reflect human values.
  • To be able to synthesize aesthetic, social and cultural domains of knowledge.
  • Objective

    • Demonstrate various skills set with respect to disciplines of Arts, Media, OTT, TV and Film Production.
    • Exhibit skills of effective communication and research aptitude in TV, OTT, Cinema and Film Production.
    • Use analytical and research tools of management and marketing tools related to TV and Films.
    • Utilize information technology tools pertaining to media, TV and Film (Documentary & Feature) production.
    • Make use of practical skills in the field of TV Formats, documentary, feature films and OTT platform content.
    • Understand the importance of ethical values, social, environmental, human rights and other critical issues faced by humanity at the local, national and international level and relate it with Cinema and TV production.

    Programmes Offered

    Department of Film Production and Communication offers the following Bachelor and Post Graduate Programme


    Bachelor of Arts in Film, Television and New Media Production


    Master of Arts in Film, Television and New Media Production


    Master of Arts in Mass Communication and Journalism

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