About Department of Banking and Insurance

The Department of Banking and Insurance was started in the year 2008 before which it was a part of the Department of Commerce since 2004. The department strives to instill the quest for academic excellence among the learners along with nurturing the aspiration for all round development among them. 

The faculty members dedicatedly work with commitment tirelessly towards reaching the goals set for the learners and for the growth of the department. The focus has always been to make the students ready for the challenges awaiting them post college life. 

The department involves the learners in a plethora of activities- sometimes fun-based and at other times highly directional to keep them motivated to reach excellence. We provide platform to the students to showcase their potential and in the process get inspired by the others around them.


  • Equipping students with knowledge and skills to face the challenges of being globally competent.


  • Providing quality education that equips learners to meet the demands arising in banking and insurance industry.
  • To develop and nurture inquisitive minds into competent professionals in the field of banking and insurance with a strong foundation of moral and ethical integrity
  • Objective

    • To prepare students to exploit placement opportunities in the field of commerce, banking and insurance
    • To equip students in critical thinking skills and problem solving ability through conceptual and practical exposure to the existing and potential knowledge in the field of banking and insurance

    Programmes Offered

    Department of Banking and Insurance offers the following Bachelor and Post Graduate Programmes


    Bachelor of Commerce in Banking and Insurance


    Bachelor of Commerce in Logistics & Supply Chain  Management

    M.COM Banking & Finance

    Master of Commerce in Banking & Finance

    Additional Credit Courses Offered

    Department of Banking and Insurance offers the following Certificate Courses

    Banking Fundamentals

    Certificate Course in Banking Fundamentals

    AML and KYC

    Certificate Course in AML and KYC

    Banking (Intermediate Level)

    Certificate Course in Banking

    Our Faculty

    Academic Activites

    Infrastructure & Facilities




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