About Deeksharambh

Induction plays a vital role in shaping student perceptions of what college offers and our commitment to deliver high quality provision. Under the Induction programme it is ensured that our students settle down as quickly as possible. It is required to make students aware of the support and services available to them and so that they smoothly enter a partnership with the college to shape their learning programmes and to gain maximum from their college life. So, it is the primary responsibility of the educational institution to welcome new students to Higher Education and prepare them for their new role. As they come into a new unfamiliar environment, and most of them have little knowledge about it.

To ensure the above measure into action KES Shroff College of Arts and Commerce has started adopted this mandate to ensure that new students receive an appropriate and comprehensive induction programme before they formally begin their studies.

A policy has also been drafted and implemented which is aligned to the expectations and core practices of the mandates set by the University Grants Commission to achieve quality in higher education named as Deeksharambh (A guide to Students Induction Programme).

Objectives of Deeksharambh

Objective of the Student Induction Program

  • The KES Shroff College of Arts and Commerce will provide a comprehensive and appropriate induction to all new students as part of their formal enrolment onto study programmes.
  • The College understands the importance of inductions in enabling student achievement by ensuring students are confident about commencing their studies and are aware of the support available to them from the outset of their study programmes.

The purpose of induction is primarily to:

  • To educate the new entrants about the environment in a particular institution and connect them with the stakeholder in it.
  • To make conversant of the college’s campus, facilities, support services and its Virtual learning environment.
  • To make students acquaint about the available internal and external sources (curricular, co-curricular and extracurricular) for all-round and holistic development.
  • To make the students aware of key policies, procedures and understand what is expected from them to successfully complete their studies.
  • To help new students adjust and feel comfortable in the new environment.
  • Help to build bonds with other students and faculty members and expose them to a sense of larger purpose and self-exploration.
  • To developing self-awareness and sensitivity, feeling of equality, compassion and oneness.

Learning Outcome of Deeksharambh (Student Induction Program)

Programme Outcome:

  • Identify the institutional resources such as pedagogical approaches, assessment methods and policies, and virtual learning methods (E-Tools) available at Institution and deploy them for the enhancement of learning.
  • To display confidence and successful transition into a new academic environment.
  • Establishment of positive acquaintance with their peers, faculties, and institute as whole.
  • Better understanding of the relationship between moral values and behaviors with the practices of institutional activities.
  • Inculcation of values of equality and responsibility towards one’s fellow citizens of any caste, class or creed.

Induction Committee

Dr. Lily Bhushan Principal
Dr. V.S. Kannan Vice Principal
Ms. Rajshree Dakhane Chairperson
Dr. Vaibhav R Ashar Member
Ms. Vaishali Ojha Member

Partners in Induction Programme

  1. Newly admitted students
  2. Heads of the institutions
  3. Important functionaries/ Administrative staff
  4. Faculty mentors
  5. Selected alumni
  6. Students council/association
  7. Selected senior students
  8. Civil society
  9. Invited distinguished people





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