About Department of Humanities and Social Sciences

Established in 2008, the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences houses the discipline of Communication Skill, Economics, Foundation Course, French, Geography, Hindi Literature, History, Political Science, Psychology and Sociology. The department offers both Bachelor of Arts (B.A) and Maters of Arts (M.A) programme. Since the inception of the department an attempt is towards the pursuit of excellence in academics and skill training of students. The department apart from production and dissemination of its disciplinary concern also plays a unique and distinctive role with the vision of KES’ Shroff College creating responsible and sensitized citizens, inclusive learning, and academic culture.


  • Strive to integrate the social sciences to prepare students to become informed and responsible global citizens.
  • To make students aware and analytical about change and continuity of human condition through time, cultures, and different environment.


  • Strive to promote understanding, respect, sensitivity, and acceptance of difference, among students.
  • To create citizen empowered with knowledge, skills, and ethical value.
  • Prepare students to function in a democratic society as of a diverse interdependent world.


  • To provide with multidisciplinary academic foundation                                                                                                       .
  • To integrate theory and research through deliberations on practical applications of concepts
  • To synthesize various forms of knowledge to solve aesthetic, social and cultural problems
  • To enable students, appreciate, understand, and celebrate diversity without any cultural bias
  • To develop ability to act as informed citizens and participate actively in civic life.
  • To equip the students to acquire the higher managerial positions in industry and business, careers in policy making and public service

Programmes Offered

Department of Humanities and Social Sciences offers the following Bachelor and Post Graduate Programmes


Bachelor of Arts

M.A. Applied Geography

Master of Arts in Applied Geography

M.A. Hindi

Master of Arts in Hindi

Additional Credit Courses Offered

Department of Humanities and Social Sciences offers the following Certificate Courses

Travel and Tourism

Certificate Course in Travel and Tourism                               .

Remote Sensing and GIS

Certificate Course in Remote Sensing and GIS

Saral Hindi

Certificate Course in Saral Hindi (Hindustani Prachar Sabha)

French Language – NIVEAU-A1

Certificate Course in French Language – NIVEAU-A1

Our Faculty

Dr. Mahesh Lavate

Assistant Professor

MA, BEd, PhD

Dr. Sonika Gupta

Head Department of Arts

MA, BEd, PhD

Dr. Urmila Singh

Assistant Professor

MA (Hindi), BEd, PhD

Mr. Dattu Kajale

Assistant Professor

MA (History), MA (Pol. Sci.), BEd

Ms. Alisha Shah

Visiting Faculty / CHB

BCOM, Diploma in French

Ms. Nikhita Patil

Assistant Professor


Ms. Ritika Srivastava

Assistant Professor


Ms. Shehrebanoo Harneswala

Assistant Professor


Ms. Vrushali Panchal

Assistant Professor


Academic Activites

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