Duration of Program

6 Months, 30 Hrs.

Important Dates

Last Date to Apply : 15th Jan 2021

Contact Person

Mr. Manish Singh: 9029141556

About Course

The Artificial Intelligence for Real-World Application Training Course is a specialized course that explores the nuances of artificial intelligence and its advanced applications. The course will be delivered by experts through digital lectures, e-learning resources, and hands-on learning methods. The course provides learners with a clear overview of the practical and industrial applications of artificial intelligence.

After successfully completing all course steps and the final summative assessment, learners will receive an Artificial Intelligence for Real-World Application Certification by TCS iON. The course provides support to learners via academic and industry connect communities. Candidates get a chance to seek internships and job opportunities from leading corporate recruiters.

Why this Course

After finishing the Artificial Intelligence for Real-World Application Certification Classes, you will learn about these topics:

  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Search
  • Reasoning
  • Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning
  • Time Series Analysis

Students will learn to:

  • To create appreciation and understanding of both the achievements of AI and the theory underlying those achievements.
  • To Write AI based program and can List the concepts of a Rational Intelligent Agent and the different types of Agents that can be designed to solve problems.
  • To review the different stages of development of the AI field from human like behavior to Rational Agents.
  • To adopt basic proficiency in representing difficult real life problems in a state space representation so as to solve them using AI techniques like searching and game playing.
  • To create an understanding of the basic issues of knowledge representation and Logic and blind and heuristic search, minimal, resolution, etc. that play an important role in AI programs.

Students will be able to:

  • Define & Understand knowledge of the building blocks of AI as presented in terms of intelligent agents
  • Study and apply various searching algorithms, Understand concept of propositional and first order logic.
  • Analyze and formalize the problem based on different techniques to solve them

Course Curriculum

Modules at a Glance 

  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
  • Search
  • Reasoning
  • Resolution refutation
  • Belief Networks

How to Apply

The Certificate Courses are offered twice a year during even and odd semesters. Students interested can take admission in the offered certificate courses at the beginning of the semester.

Students from other institutions can also take admission in these certificate courses at the beginning of even and odd semesters by contacting the concerned teacher incharge and by paying the required fees for the course.

Any individual who has successfully completed HSC (12TH) in any Stream. Or Any student Studying in KES Shroff College in different programmes.

The Certificate will be awarded to the student who

  • will attend the lectures as per college norms minimum 60% attendance is must to appear for the examination.
  • will successfully pass the examination with a minimum 40% .
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