Important Dates

Last Date to Apply : 15th Jan 2021

Contact Person

Mr. Prashant Chaubey: 9819161518

About Course

Every job has repetitive tasks and processes that can be automated, which can take up a significant amount of your time.

In a digital world, automation is the most crucial skill to acquire. Old school teams with dozens of people can be replaced with a small group of skilled automation engineers and domain experts. They can automate repetitive and straightforward, organizational, or even technical tasks.

In this course, we’ll teach you the basic and advanced techniques used to create bots and automation scripts for diverse applications. Together we will create simple scripts to clean up your working environment, batch rename files, and automatically clean up your Downloads folder every Monday.

Once we covered the basics, we will quickly move to more engaging projects. For example, a Telegram Bot, which can add songs to your Spotify playlist and Bots for Instagram and Twitter. We’ll even create a Travian bot that automatically plays the game.

Why this Course

  • Power up your productivity with automation of tedious and repetitive tasks
  • Learn one of the most valuable tools for the future: Automation
  • Learn how to automatically grow your audience on social platforms
  • Learn how you can build Bots
  • Increase your market value dramatically by learning automation
  • Create bots that do the work for you

Students will learn to:

  • To make student aware of Bot and its framework.
  • To make them understand use of Bot in various domain to minimize human effort.
  • To teach the use of Natural language processing in creating Bot

Students will be able to:

  • Define Bot and list component of Bot framework.
  • Associate use of Bot in various domain to reduce human effort.
  • Choose correct API and tools for the successful implementation of Bot.
  • Categorize among various Bot builder tool and NLP framework.
  • Validate and test integration of API’s and voice modules together
  • Create Bot application as per the specification.

Course Curriculum

Modules at a Glance

  • Exploring Bot Framework Architecture
  • Building Conversations
  • Building Dialogs
  • Using FormFlow
  • Customizing FormFlow
  • Using Natural Language Processing (NLP) with LUIS
  • Channels and GUI
  • Creating Email, SMS, and Web Chatbots
  • API’s, Integrations, and Voice

How to Apply

The Certificate Courses are offered twice a year during even and odd semesters. Students interested can take admission in the offered certificate courses at the beginning of the semester.

Students from other institutions can also take admission in these certificate courses at the beginning of even and odd semesters by contacting the concerned teacher incharge and by paying the required fees for the course.

Any individual who has successfully completed HSC (12TH) in any Stream. Or Any student Studying in KES Shroff College in different programmes.

The Certificate will be awarded to the student who

  • will attend the lectures as per college norms minimum 60% attendance is must to appear for the examination.
  • will successfully pass the examination with a minimum 40% .
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