Duration of Program

6 Months, 30 Hrs.

Important Dates

Last Date to Apply : 15th Jan 2021

Contact Person

Dr. Vishesh Shrivastava: 9960021208

About Course

The world of computing is at a stage of evolution that is very complex and unpredictable. It is no longer being completely driven by large enterprises, but also being driven in part by individuals and end users.

Blockchain is a disruptive force in multiple areas of the business enterprise, business to individual, governance and social transactions. It prompted the genesis of Bitcoin, a completely decentralized digital payment system about nine years ago and is now being proposed as an organized solution to a large set of problems facing business and society. Today is a unique stage in the growth of blockchain technology, as the industry and experts are visualizing various use cases that are made possible by blockchain.

Why this Course

This certification course is suitable for those who want to understand the methodology of blockchain and its application across industries. In this course, the core concepts and blockchain platform, its growth and evolution and all the use cases it is relevant to are discussed in detail. At the same time all the foundational elements of building applications on Ethereum, Hyperledger.

Students will learn to:

  • Understand working of Blockchain Technology.
  • List the advantages of blockchain technology over other distributes techniques and discuss various cryptocurrency and their application.
  • Identify challenges associated with Blockchain and cryptocurrency.
  • Support their project by integrating blockchain technology concept.
  • Design, build, and deploy applications based on Blockchain Technology.

Students will be able to:

  • Define and discuss Cryptographic concept, Blockchain Technique and Distributed system.
  • Clear understanding of State-of-the-art, open research challenges, and future directions.
  • Understand emerging abstract models for Blockchain Technology.
  • Identify major research challenges and technical gaps existing between theory and practice in cryptocurrency domain. And Design, build, and deploy applications based on Blockchain Technology.

Course Curriculum

Modules at a Glance

  • Distributed Database
  • Byzantine General problem
  • Cryptography
  • Blockchain
  • Distributed Consensus
  • Hyperledger Fabric
  • Bitcoin protocols
  • Cryptocurrency Regulation
  • Blockchain Applications

How to Apply

The Certificate Courses are offered twice a year during even and odd semesters. Students interested can take admission in the offered certificate courses at the beginning of the semester.

Students from other institutions can also take admission in these certificate courses at the beginning of even and odd semesters by contacting the concerned teacher incharge and by paying the required fees for the course.

Any individual who has successfully completed HSC (12TH) in any Stream. Or Any student Studying in KES Shroff College in different programmes.

The Certificate will be awarded to the student who

  • will attend the lectures as per college norms minimum 60% attendance is must to appear for the examination.
  • will successfully pass the examination with a minimum 40% .
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