Capacity-building is a process of developing and strengthening the skills, abilities, processes and resources that students need to survive, adapt in a fast-changing world. This is fundamental to development cooperation and we KES Shroff College of Arts and Commerce serve as centers of capacity-building through research, activities, webinar and by training students in value added courses.  Our strategies include appropriate and realistic phasing, building on existing capacity and considering how change will happen for holistic development of students.  We provide education in the form of technical cooperation, including local and international technical assistance. We majorly deal with Soft skill, Life skills, Information technology, and Communication skill. Training is provided to the students to understand the role of listening skills, effective communication, problem solving, enhance their physical and mental health and core competence in (Information Technology) IT.  Guest lectures, Field visits to enhance the practical knowledge of students , Seminars, Workshops, Hackathon and Hand-on trainings, are conducted on regular basis to build capacity among our students.

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