Faculty Development Centre

KES Shroff College strongly believes that a band of good teachers with high sense of commitment and sincerity can usher quality in education. Aiming at excellence in its academic journey, the institution had aptly realized that the faculty are the sheet anchors who should be scholars of the highest order with knowledge, wisdom and compassion. Only the best teachers can produce the best students and shape them into excellent citizens of the nation.

To attain this prime objective Faculty Development Centre is formed under Centre of Excellence to incubate and nurture, on a continuous basis, the professional development of teachers and to create opportunities for professional growth.

About the Center

Faculty development has a critical role to play in promoting academic excellence and innovation. The goal of Faculty Development Centre is to enhance the ability of the teachers to construct curriculum and modes of instruction that more effectively fulfil the educational mission of the institution and the educational needs of students and society. Over the last few decades, education has evolved significantly due to many factors such as emerging variations in educational standards, changing goals and outcomes achieved, day to day advancement of new technologies and variable approaches towards educational theory. As a result, teachers in these times are expected to be more resourceful than they were earlier.

The context that led to the development of Faculty development Centre in KES Shroff College is to include the four possible types of development:
1. Personal (interpersonal skills, career development, and life planning issues);
2. Instructional (course design and development, instructional technology)
3. Organizational (ways to improve the institutional environment to better support teaching)
4. Professional (ways to support faculty members so that they fulfil their multiple roles of teaching, research, and service)

Prof Nandini Katti

1. Ms. Vidhi Rajora                                                            2. Ms. Ritika Shrivastava

1. To facilitate Institutional building and advancement through training and development of faculty
2. To catalyze the process of generation, dissemination and application of knowledge
3. To facilitate research and experiential learning in the education sector
4. To work in collaboration with other educational institutions in providing quality training through the conduct of short term and mid-term programs
5. To prepare faculty members for IPR generation and undertaking consultancy projects with industry and society
6. To provide pre-induction training to newly appointed faculty

1. Participants will be adapted to new pedagogic approaches to teaching-learning
2. Will demonstrate their commitment to continuous self-improvement by engaging in professional learning, collaborative practice with colleagues, reflection on practice, and investigation of ideas to improve teaching and learning that contribute to the renewal of the teaching profession.
3. Develop relevant, rigorous, and developmentally appropriate curricula


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  2. Faculty Development Programmes
  3. Workshops Training, Seminars
  4. Faculty Exchange Programs
  5. Research Methodology Workshops
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